Backyard Beekeeping Workshop

If you have ever dreamed of keeping honeybees or you simply find them fascinating, then this class is for you. We will explore the biology and management of a backyard hive and see an active honeybee hive at The Wild Center. Additionally we’ll learn …

Whats with this queen?

So last year I buy a 5 frame nuc. It just explodes in population and makes tons of honey. They survive the winter but with huge loss in population. But come spring the population never grew. I couldn’t find the queen so I bought a new one and they killed her or kicked her out and then I found the old queen up in the […]

Fertile queen doing her job.

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Doubts in the design queen cell incubator

Hello, I’m looking at the design of a queen cell incubator. The main problem is the even distribution of the temperature inside. I have read that it is important that the airflow from the fan should be laminar, not turbulent. As a heat source I hope to use a PTC resistance of 200 ° C maximum with a small fan. I expect to control the […]

Supersedure Cells

Apologize in advance as I am sure this gets asked a lot but I couldn’t find any answers searching. Going through my 2 hives today and my stronger one had several supersedure cells built. None capped. I had read that it was normal for them to be in a hive as “just in case” cells, but wondered if there was a limit to when it […]

Re: Release my queen

TY,The important question is are the bees ready to accept her? How long were the bees queenless? What type of bees are they? How do they react to her. Open the hive tomorrow and use a skewer stick or a tooth pick and slide it across the cage. If you …

Who forgot to tell the bees its winter

Spring swarm control is going to be fun….suggestions on swarm control methods in advance when a hives goes into Spring as strong as it was during the summer?

Winter…what next…

Single domestic hive. Hawkes Bay What , and when, is the first essential task after the Winter lay off period?

Release my queen

When I got my queen today she was alone.  When I have ordered queens previously they had attendants with her.  (Of course, I got her locally instead of through the mail.)  Is that normal?  Does she need to be released sooner?

Time to Requeen?

I’ve had a swarm in my hive since 5/16.  I’m not very good at finding the queen so I look for brood or larvae.  There has been none.  The bees have been very busy building comb and storing pollen/honey.  I purchased a queen today and when I went to put…

Bees and weather patterns

A while back I posted a comment about my relatively mellow hives being unusually aggressive when I opened them with thunder in the distance. It was agreed that this was a common occurence and have since learned not to do it. Just curious if anyone knows of any studies as to why this happens? Lowering atmospheric pressure, vibrations in the air from thunder, they sense […]

Re: What am I seeing? Cluster similar to bearding.

Probably just hanging out. I get quite a few hanging out at the entrance to my observation hive too.

What am I seeing? Cluster similar to bearding.

I can’t post a pic since the program tells me my pics are too big.  Since I’m on a cell phone and don’t know how to change the size I’ll have to describe it. It’s an observation hive.  Room temp is about 65 at night to 70 during day. My entrance is a p…

Best way to treat new hives for mites??

i still need to treat my 3 hives for mites and cant decide what treatment route to take. i read a review on the mite away strips stating that they barely even worn and that was what i planning on getting so now i dont know what to try. I plan on beeing in this thing for the long run so if there is some […]

Chalk brood question

I have a hive that’s been suffering from an obvious case of chalk brood since early this spring. I’ve not done anything notable as yet as I understand that some cases clear up when things dry out and warm up. The hive is a double deep, but there are really only bees in the top deep and that’s only perhaps half full. Things look a […]

Lost a hive to SHB. Now what?

I have a hive that went queenless and succumbed to SHB. Totally my fault for being lazy and inattentive. What is the best way to clean boxes and frames so that I can get a nuc in ASAP? submitted by /u/StellaRose5335 [link] [comments]

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Re: New study showing effects of 4 different toxins on honeybee immune system

Not new, but recent:Sixteen honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) colonies were placed in four different agricultural landscapes to study theeffects of agricultural landscape and exposure to pesticides on honey bee health. Colonies were located in threedifferent agricultural areas with varying levels of agricultural intensity (AG areas) and one nonagricultural area(NAG area). Colonies were monitored for their performance and productivity for one year by measuring colonyweight […]

Queen excluder frame traps?

Anyone know of a US source for queen frame traps? Everything Im finding is in the UK.

Which Bee Is Right For You?

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